30 New & Best Rainmeter Themes & Skins [2015]

In this article I’m going to share some of the best Rainmeter Skins and Themes for Windows 7, and if you’re reading this that means you need some of them for sure.

Everyone loves to customize their laptop and PC running Windows 7 with the help of wallpaper, themes and skins which is very common. And, if you’re who always explore new way to customize your Windows desktop, then Rainmeter is the best option to go with.

But the question is, What are best Rainmeter Skins and Themes which totally change the look of your machine running Windows 7. Before, got answer to the question, why don’t you know read a little about some of the best sources to download rainmeter themes and skins online for free.

So lets come to the point on which this whole article is based, Yea Rainmeter Skin and Themes for Windows 7, here is the first one:

1. Windows 9 Single Mark 4

Windows 9 Single Mark 4

2. Windows 2019

Windows 2019

3. Darkness Fall

Darkness Fall

4. Pog Pack

new and best rainmeter themes and skins for windows

5. Adian Bolon Aero

Adian Bolon Aero

6. Taboo


7. My Rainmeter Desktop

My Rainmeter Desktop

8. Space

space rainmeter theme for windows

9. Horde


10. Switchin


11. Ekar Lina Rainmeter The Skin

Ekar Lina Rainmeter The Skin

12. MoonGlow


13. Before Dawn RM Bar

Before Dawn RM Bar

14. Morph


15. Razor


16. Orange Glow

orange glow

17. Raleway Skin

raleway skins

18. Elegance 2

elegance 2

19. SimpleDOCK


20. Meteor Glimps

Meteor Glimps

21. Enigma


22. Speed


23. Futuristic Cityscape

Futuristic Cityscape

24. Big Digital Clock

big digital clock

25. Vcloud Weather 2

vcloud weather 2

26. LIM!T

limit rainmeter theme

27. Start Menu for Rainmeter

Start Menu for Rainmeter

28. Sunset


29. Avenger SHIELD OS

avenger shield os

30. Electric Space

electric space

So these are some of the best Rainmeter skins and themes which you can download for Windows 7. Give try to these themes and skin and let me know which one you like. Suggestion are also recommended.