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24 Best Free Online Virus Scan Websites

Chances are very high that you already had a sort of experience with a computer malware or virus in the past. If not, then you’re the luckiest person – but that doesn’t mean you will be safe in future, especially if you’re running Windows operating system.

It is highly advised to install an antivirus on your personal computer so that it can daily scan your computer and remove suspicious items from it. Sometimes we all feel a need of free online virus scan websites to scan our machine or to scan a particular file.

The reason why everyone prefer to use online virus scanner is because they are very easy to use and one didn’t need to install anything on the computer. The good thing about the virus scanner websites is that their virus definition database is always up-to-date and you don’t need to pay anything for using it. Also, these online virus scanning tools help you to scan your computer when you’re not able to install any antivirus on your system due to existing virus infection.

Every virus scanning service does it in a very different way. Some let you upload a file on their website and then scan for virus while other ask you to install their add-ons or extension to scan your entire computer system, but the wonderful thing is that they do behind the scenes works online.

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By keeping this thing in mind, we decided to make a list of the best free online virus scan websites which can be used free of cost. Here goes the first one:

1. Virus Total

Here you can upload a file size up to 64 MB. The virus extension of Virus Total is known as VTzilla. It is freely available for Firefox users. It also allows URLs to be scanned only by right clicking on the menu. Files are checked completely before downloading.

2. BullGuard Virus Scan

This wonderful virus scanner works perfectly with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. This virus has the capability to quickly scan the critical areas of your system. After installation of the browser extension, this scanner will start in few seconds. Its special features are establishing a network connection, browser plugins, auto run files, system folder, EXE and DLL files.

3. Metascan Online

On metascan users can upload a file of 80 MB. The most wonderful thing about that website is that, it is scanned with more than 40 different viruses at a time. The files which can be uploaded are ZIP, 7Z, EXE and some Metascan Online file type. Here the results are also very easy to analyze. Whenever a file is successfully scanned by an antivirus then a green check mark is placed against it and if not, then it is highlighted by a red check mark.

4. ESET Online Scanner

An add-on is installed by this antivirus. The antivirus has the capability to clean your system from Internet Explorer. The explorer is the only supporter, but Firefox and Chrome are also suitable for this antivirus. Before the beginning of scanning, you have to select some options like if you want to remove viruses etc.

5. Avira Online Scan

It uses the similar antivirus engine of Avira Antivirus. It is used to scan submitted files and URLs via online form. The form also asks you for some details so that the URL of the result can be mailed to you. Every time you can scan 5 files of size up to 20 MB.

6. avast! Online Virus Scanner

Here you can scan a file of size up to 16 MB. After scanning, results are displayed on the same page. In this you don’t have to do any setting, just upload the file and start scanning.

7. NoDistribute

In this, you can scan a single file with 30 unique antiviruses. You can also share results with other people.

8. Jotti’s Malware Scan

Scan single file with more than 20 antiviruses. Here maximum file size is about 25 MB. The user interface of the result is very easy to analyze.

9. ThreatExpert

A file size of max 5 MB can be uploaded and the results are emailed to the user. Instead of using a browser, Submission Applet can be downloaded for uploading files. You can do all these, by creating an account.

10. Baidu

Here particular infected files can be scanned with this online virus. Now here is a file of 20 MB is uploaded and the results are emailed to you.

11. Panda ActiveScan 2.0

With Panda ActiveScan 2.0 you can scan and check for viruses, trojans, worms, dialers, tracking cookies, and other types of malicious files. It’s cool online virus scanner that install itself as browser addon to scan your computer locally.

12. FortiGuard- Online Virus Scanner

FortiCleanup is a tool developed to identify and cleanse systems of malicious rootkit files and their associated malware. Enter the file name to be checked in the box below and it will automatically be uploaded from your computer to a dedicated server where it will be scanned using this tool. A confirmation email will be send to the provided email address containing the results of the scan.

13. ScanThis!

ScanThis is free online virus scanning made easy. You just need to upload or point it to the URL of the file you wish to scan and we’ll let you know if it is infected with any known malware or virus. It’s that easy!

Some other honorable mentions:

  • Norton Security Scan
  • Microsoft Safety Scanner
  • Dr.Web Online Check
  • Bitdefender Online Virus Scanner
  • Trendmicro
  • F-Secure Online Scanner
  • VirusCheckMate
  • Grayshood – Online Virus Scanner
  • QuickHeal – Free Online Antivirus Scan
  • Kaspersky – Free Virus Scan
  • VirScan

So try these best free online virus scanner and let me know which one really helpful. You can also suggest some good name which we forget to mention in this list.


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