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10 Best Free Websites to Record Voice Online 2016V

Are you tired of reading about the same websites that let you record voice online? If Yes is the answer, then I recommend you to check out my list of favorite online voice recorders.

In this modern era, the internet is loaded with a variety of web tools, web services, and related stuff. Voice recording is one of the activities which is performed daily by everyone of us. There are lots of ways which one can use to record voice. One can use voice recorder apps to record voice on smartphones. Voice recording software’s are also available for Windows and Mac OS users, or you can visit the web and use your browser to record voice.

Now the question which comes in the mind is what are the best free website that helps to record voice online? You can find answer to this question here in this post. As I have personally checked all the voice recorder available over the web and prepare the list of best sites that let you record voice online for free.

So without further ado, why don’t you check out all of them:

Best Websites to Record Voice Online

1. Vocaroo

Vocaroo is a premier voice recording service which one can use not only to record voices but also the easiest and quickest way share voice over the interwebs. The good thing about this service is that it also let you upload your pre-recorded voice.

2. Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder is a simple and free to use web service that let you record sound from your microphone. Once you done with recording your voice, you can trim the sound and save it to your hard drive.

3. Speakpipe

SpeakPipe voice recording tool lets you create the audio recording right from the browser with the help of your microphone. You will find an option to save your recording on the SpeakPipe server and also get a link to it. You can use this link to share your recording with your friends via email or use on the web.

4. Record MP3 Online

Record Mp3 Online is another free to use voice recording web tool. You just need to click on the record button and once you done recording your voice an audio player will appear. You can download the file and share it where ever you want to share5.

5. Apowersoft

Online Audio Recorder by Apowersoft is another good option to record your voice online for free. The thing which you will really love about this service is that it’s very easy to user and let your record any sound that you can hear. It also let record audio files from various audio inputs which include microphone, system sound, and both microphone and system sound.

6. Voice Spice Recorder

Voice Spice is another good online voice recorder and message sharing website that let you record your voice or message which you can share it with your friends via different social media sites like Facebook.

7. Chirbit

Chirbit let you record, upload and share your voice recording file with your friends. The good thing about this web service is that you can also embed your voice or audio anywhere online. You can also upload different format like wav, mp3, aiff or any other audio format via web.

8. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is the largest community dedicated to artist, podcaster, bands and music creator. You can also use this service to share your voice with your friend, as it also let you record voice. The process is bit longer as you need to add few details about your recording.

9. AudioPal

AudioPal is an amazing online voice recorder service dedicated to users who own blogs or websites. With the help of this service, you can record any sound just like above mentioned tool and embed your free audio player in your blog or website for free.

10. Toolster Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder by Toolster is another awesome service that let you record your voice online using microphone or webcam. The recorded voice can be edited and one can download as a mp3 file. This service is available for free with no registration required. You can even listen to your recording before download it.

11. Audior

Audior is another good web service using which you can record your website visitors voice right on your website with the help of microphones. The recorded file will be automatically stored as mp3 on your web service and is available for the users for download.

Other Honorable Mentions

  • Applove- Online Voice Recorder
  • Soundation
  • Dictaphone
  • Audio Expert
  • Audioboo

So these are some of the best free websites to record voice online. Why don’t you give a try to these online voice recorders and let me know the one you like the most in the comment section.


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