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43 Best iOS and Android Apps Work With Chromecast

Chromecast is popular media streaming device and you can take most out using apps available for it. Now the question is what apps that work with Chromecast for iOS and Android? If you’re the proud owner of Chromecast and want to use it more than just iBBC player, then I recommend don’t miss to check this article.

The Chromecast really is a fun little device that’s not just for BBC iPlayer and YouTube. You can turn this little device into an amazing entertainment device, just by using some clever, little-known apps. Google kept a close check on the application available for it, with thoroughly selected partners such as Vevo, Netflix, and YouTube. But after releasing this the Chromecast API and Software Development Kit (SDK), Chromecast apps started to flood the web and turn this little HDMI dongle into a lot more useful device.

There might be lots of opinion piece available for the web sharing best Chromecast apps iOS and Android, but you’ll barely see any article on some of the best apps for Chromecast. By keeping this thing in mind, I decided to share some of the best apps work with Chromecast for iPhone and Android devices that you love to download.

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Local Media Apps for Chromecast

 1. Plex

It organizes all of your favorite photos, music, and video collections and streams them to all of your screens.

Available for Android, and iOS

2. Emby

Emby also unites your personal music, videos, and photos and streams them to your devices.

Available for Android

3. Cinch for Chromecast

Cinch is one of the best and easiest ways to stream photos, music, and videos located on your iPad or iPhone to any Chromecast device.

Available for iOS

4. Local Cast

With the help of Local Cast, you can Stream/Cast videos, pictures and music.

Available for Android

5. AllCast

AllCast lets you send music, videos, and photos and on your Android to your TV.

Available for Android

6. Photowall

It’s one of the uncommon ways of having multiple people stream their photos from Android or iOS to your Chromecast.

Available for Android, and iOS

Best Movies, and TV Show Apps for Chromecast

1. YouTube

Using this app, you can enjoy your favorite YouTube channels on the best big screen in the house.

Available for Android, and iOS,

2. Google Play Movies

With the help of this app, you can stream more than  thousands of films on your TV.

Available for Android, iOS,

3. TED

Get access to riveting talks from some of the most popular and fascinating people from wherever you are.

Available for Android, and iOS

4. Dailymotion

Get all your favorite Dailymotion videos on the big screen.

Available for Android, iOS

5. Showtime Anytime

You can cast to your TV, and control video playback and volume directly from the app.

Available for Android, and iOS

6. Mavshack

Mavshack gives you the power to stream your favorite movie on the best screen of your home.


Streaming service from HBO using which you can  enjoy your favorite HBO shows, comedy specials, movies, documentaries, sports and lot more.

Available for Android, and iOS

8. Comedy Central

With this app, you get access to the latest episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, South Park, and @midnight with Chris Hardwick, plus other popular shows.

Available for Android, and iOS

9. Watch ABC

If you’re die-hard fan of ABC shows, then try this app and you will never miss a moment of your favorite ABC shows.

Available for Android, and iOS

10. Crunchyroll

Watch over 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of hottest and latest Anime just after the one hour of TV broadcast.

Available for Android, and iOS

11. Netflix

World’s leading subscription service for streaming movies and TV episodes on your phone.

Available for Android, and iOS

Kids Apps for Chromecast

1. Nick

Get access to best of Nickelodeon at your fingertips, animated shorts, hilarious original videos, recent full episodes, games and lot more.

Available for Android, and iOS

2. Watch Disney Channel

Don’t want to miss your daily dose of Disney Channel. Why don’t you watch more and play more with this free apps.

Available for Android, and iOS

3. Sesame Street Go

With this app, you can access all your favorite Sesame Street games and videos anytime, and anywhere

Available for Android, and iOS

Sports Apps for Chromecast

1. NBA Gametime

The official app of the NBA with videos, games, and statistics.

Available for Android, and iOS

2. Watch ESPN App Chromecast

WatchESPN gives you access to live studio shows and games and studio shows with 24/7

Available for Android, and iOS

3. MLB.TV Premium

Watch every out-of-market game LIVE in HD quality.

Available for Android, and iOS

4. MLS

Major League Soccer keeps you connected with the highlights, latest news, scores, standings, and analysis.

Available for Android

5. UFC

With the help of this app, you can check live Weigh-ins live, Watch Press Conferences for free. You can also check profiles of your favorite UFC fighters, get the latest News and lot more.

Available for Android, and iOS

Music and Radio Apps for Chromecast

1. Shuttle+ Music Player

Shuttle+ Music Player is an intuitive, powerful and lightweight music player

Available for Android

2. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio app connect you with over 100,000 radio stations. You can listen to one of your favorite radio stations for free

Available for Android, and iOS

3. Pandora

With Pandora, you can easily create personalized stations. Simply type the name of your favorite artists, genres, songs or composers.

Available for Android, and iOS

4. MusixMatch

World’s largest lyrics catalog, using which you can enjoy diverse music with synced lyrics

Available for Android, and iOS

5. Spoticast

Spoticast let you cast your all your favorite Spotify music directly to your Chromecast from an android device.

Available for Android

6. Rdio

Download the Rdio app and it will give you access to more than 35 million songs to discover, play, and share.

Available for Android, and iOS

Games for Chromecast

1. Wheel of Fortune

Step up to the wheel and take a spin through a rich Wheel of Fortune experience.

Available for Android, and iOS

2. Monoply Dash

Monoply Dash will provide you whole new experience when you play it on Chromecast compatible device.

Available for Android, and iOS

3. Emoji Party

Emoji Party for Chromecast is a party game for the big screen. Use your phone to compete against your friends in a funny battle for points.

Available for Android

4. Simon Swipe

This iconic version of Simon has all the fast action color swiping fun in a totally new game.

Available for Android, and iOS

5. Scrabble Blitz

This fun fast-paced version of Scrabble has all of the word building fun in a totally new game

Available for Android, and iOS

6. 2048 for Chromecast

Fun and addictive mobile version of 2048 game and most perfect 2048 number puzzle game.

Available for Android, and iOS

Photo Apps for Chromecast

1. Pixlr- Free Photo Editor

Pixlr is a free and fun photo editor for amazing effect and quick fixes.

Available for Android, and iOS

2. Artkick

Display personal images on your TV, art masterpieces, and photographs from world-renown photographers for free

Available for Android, and iOS

3. Dayframe

Dayframe 2.0 is the slideshow and premiere photo viewer app for Chromecast.

Available for Android

Office Client App for Chromecast

1. Polaris Office

Free Office solution which offers you editing of Microsoft Office documents and easy viewing support.

Available for Android, and iOS

Honorable Mentions Apps for Chromecast

1. Fitflap Motion

One of the uncommon fitness game which support body Motion detection

Available for Android, and iOS

2. Twitch

Want to access the broadcasts of the games you love and want to chat with the players you follow. Why don’t you try Twitch

Available for Android, and iOS

So these are some of the best Chromecast apps for android and iPhone available over apps store which you will definitely love to download. In case I forget to mention some good names, why don’t you start.


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