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How to Remove/Exit Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3 [Solution]

Does your Samsung Galaxy S3 safe mode won’t turn off? And now you’re feeling irritated as you’ve tried all the possible tips shared over the web to fix this issue. I’m sure you’ll love this article if you’re facing this issue.

Safe Mode is one of the most important feature of Android operating system using which you can fix lots of your Android phone problems. But after fixing issues, when you try to exit safe mode on your Smartphone then this feature become sweat on your forehead. There are lots of Android users who faces this issue on their particular device.

While I was searching the web regarding how to fix this issue, I find that lots of Samsung Galaxy S3 users were complaining  about this issue. There are lots of helpful tips available over the web which one can follow to easily exit safe mode in any Android phone including the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now you might be wondering what are the advantages of enabling Safe Mode in Android Phone, let’s talk about Samsung Galaxy S3.

Suppose you own any Android device or Samsung Galaxy S3 and you noticed that your device starts behaving abnormally it’s running slower than usual, the app won’t load, service shut down automatically, sticky ads pop up from nowhere and related activities.

How to boot into Samsung S3 Safe Mode? Well, it all depend on your device, as all of them are not configured in the same way. But the majority of Android device follow the same method to enable Safe Mode.

For Example, let me show you how to enable Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3

First of all, you need to turn off your device. Now restart your device and keep tapping the menu button until you see the black safe mode icon on the bottom left side of the screen.

This method works fine on different smartphones manufactured by LG, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, and Huawei including the Nexus devices running on stock ROM.

In case this method doesn’t work on your device, you can easily find the way to boot your device into safe mode.

So you can see, how easy it is to boot your device into Safe Mode, but this article is not about enabling safe mode, but will show you few possible ways of Samsung Galaxy S3 safe mode removal. By keeping this thing in mind, I decided to cover a guide that will teach how to turn off safe mode on Samsung Galaxy S3. Why don’t you follow below simple and easy types:

How to Exit Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3

First Tip: 

Reboot your Device

We all know that rebooting Android devices fix 50-60 percent problem. So try this before you do anything else. If didn’t work, follow next tip:

Second Tip:

Take Battery Out

You can take the battery out of the device wait for at least one minute and put your battery back into your device and restart your device. This can also fix the problem. If didn’t work follow next tip:

Third Tip:

Factory Reset Your Device

You can also factory reset your device and your problem will be solved for sure. You can reset your device by using factory reset option of your device. You can also use stock recovery to reset the device. Its recommended to clear cache of the device when you reset your device using stock recovery.

As this is the main solution to all the problem. If this tip didn’t work follow next tip:

Fourth Tip:

Download Stock ROM and Flash using ODIN

If above tips didn’t work well for you. Why don’t you download the stock rom from samfirmware and flash it using odin. After using this I’m sure  using this tip will definitely able to exit safe mode of the device. If this tip didn’t work follow next tip:

Important Tip (Work for Sure)

Reboot and Press the Back Key

In case you tried all the solution which I shared above and still you won’t be able to remove safe mode out of your Samsung Galaxy S3, then this is solution which will definitely work. You just need to turn off your device and when you see the boot animation start pressing back key untill your device successfully boot.

I’m sure this will exit safe mode in  your Samsung Galaxy S3. Why don’t you try these tips and let me know whether any out of above mentioned worked for your or not. In case you’ve any other working solution to remove safe mode out of Samsung Galaxy S3, Don’t hesitate to share it with using the comment section.


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