How to Unroot & Restore Official Stock Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 & GT-I9505

If you’re the one who have rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 with Motochopper or any other method and now you want your Android Device to the state of an unrooted android device so that you can reclaim the warranty of Samsung Galaxy S4, then this article is dedicated to you.

How to Unroot and Restore Official Stock Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S4 - See more at:

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We all know that one of the easiest ways to unroot your device is to install the official firmware and reset flash counter to “0”(Zero). As today article is about Samsung Galaxy S4, then in this article I’m going to share with you a full guide about how to unroot and restore back to official stock firmware for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 & GT-I9505 plus, It is useful also if you soft brick your phone. And it all happens because of XDA Senior Member – Samresh72. So without wasting anytime, lets we start with our tutorial:

Disclaimer : ”If you are unrooting your Samsung I9500 Galaxy S 4 using this guide then you are responsible for anything you do to your device. But If you follow this guide properly, you will be on the safe side You can read about What is Rooting & Unroot your Android Phone Means


1. You have installed your Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500/5 USB drivers on your PC (the easiest way is to install Kies).

2. You need to enable USB debugging mode, which is deactivated by default. (You can skip it)

3. Your Samsung Galaxy S4 should have 70-80% charge remaining.

4. Your S4 should be factory unlocked. (For locked phone, flash carrier firmware to stay on warranty)

5. Backup your important data like Call logs, SMS and other data stored in phone memory in case if anything goes wrong, your data is safe.

6. Make sure that Kies program is not running & disable antivirus.

7. Last and important thing, this guide is only for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 & GT-I9505. So don’t bother to try it on other devices.

Steps to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S4 Restore back to Official Stock Firmware

1. The first thing you need to do is, Turn OFF your mobile and go to Download Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down + Home Buttons together for a few seconds followed by Power button then proceed with the volume up.

2. After that download ODIN and open on your PC and connect your Galaxy S4 to your PC/Laptop using USB Data Cable.

3. Once your Android device is connected to your PC, the ID:COM box on ODIN will turn blue and will show the COM port number.

4. Now Unzip the downloaded file (from the second or third post mentioned in the last of the article), you will get a Home. tar file.

5. Check “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” options and make sure that “Re-Partition” is unchecked

6. Click on Start button in the ODIN window to start the flashing process. The process will take a few minutes to complete.

7. At Last, when you see that installation is completed, you read a “Reset” then a “Pass”. After that your phone will start, as it’s first boot it will take a longer time, so don’t get panic)

Note: Make sure not to unplug the USB cable, when the process is going on, if you do so, you might brick your phone

Recommended: Make sure to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S4, after flashing to have a fresh official firmware

Below is the list of Those firmware’s can go fine with any GT-I9500 & I9505

Nordic Countries NEE 4.4.2

Baltic SEB 4.4.2

Germany (VD2) Vodafone 4.4.2

Netherlands (VDF) Vodafone 4.4.2

Austria (MAX) T-mobile 4.4.2

Netherlands 4.4.2

United Kingdom (H3G) 4.4.2 (Mega link) (DEV-HOST link)

United Kingdom (VOD) 4.4.2

United Kingdom (BTU) 4.4.2

United Kingdom (EE) 4.4.2

Nordic countries 4.4.2

Germany 4.4.2 (Build date: Thu, 05 Jun 2014) (Google drive) (Mega server)
Germany 4.4.2 I9505XXUFNB8_I9505OXAFNB8_DBT (Torrent mirror)

Germany 4.4.2 (mediafire)


Leaked stock 4.4.2!yJ4z0C5a!ZxMSDw…hdjW7Mv9eriNiI


Open European (4.4.2)!ON4zTagL!WdK7ud…3eSaF8SKDcnsiQ

Hong Kong 4.4.2

Norway 4.4.2

Switzerland 4.4.2

Singapore 4.4.2

Malaysia 4.4.2 XXFNBE

Philippines 4.4.2 Sun Cellular

Brazil 4.4.2

United Kingdom
I9505XXUENAA_I9505YXXENA7_BTU 1.61 GB 1.43 GB 1.43 GB 1.43 GB

Germany 1.48 GB

Italy (vodafone) 1.62 GB

Ireland (three) 1.50 GB





Nordic Countries

Norway (telenor)




Switzerland 1.81 GB

Turkey 4.4.2

Russia 4.4.2

Also, If you’re looking for a firmware for a special carrier, you are free to ask here at official thread, or you can let me know with your valuable comments will defiantly try to help you ASAP. And don’t forget to share your experience, whether this unroot method work for you or not?