You are currently viewing 45 Best Free Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps for Windows 10

45 Best Free Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps for Windows 10

If you’re looking for some of the best free Universal Windows Platform UWP apps for Windows 10, then this article is dedicated to you.

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows developed by Microsoft. It comes with lots of cool features, new settings, and completely refined user interface. In Windows 10, the company introduced Universal Windows Platform (UWP), platform-homogeneous application architecture created by the software giant.

The aim of releasing this application platform is to develop Metro-style apps that run on both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 without the need to be re-written for each. There are lots of UWP apps for Windows 10 available on Windows store.

In this article, we compiled the list of the best free Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform UWP apps. So without further ado, why don’t you start checking the UWP apps:

Free Universal Windows Platform UWP Apps for Windows 10

1. 365Scores

Sports news and live score app that let you create select your favorite team and a league so that you can create your own sports channel.

 2. Animated GIF Creator

Create animated GIF  from .avi, .wmv, or .mp4.

3. AppRaisin

Discover new games and apps available in Windows store.

4. Ax-Lite

Very light UWP video player

5. Astronomy Hub

Astronomy app to enjoy amazing and fresh astro experience.

6. Audible

You can access and download over 200,000 audiobooks.

7. Battery Usage

It will show your computer battery status in an advanced way.

8. Cleartrip

Search and book hotels, flights and trains.

9. Character Map

Let you copy the selected character to XAML code and FontIcon.

10. Cover

The best comic reader application available on Windows store.

11. Dailymotion

The Official UWP app of Dailymotion.

12. Deezer

The official UWP preview app popular music streaming service.

13. DeviantArt

Browser DeviantART with this unofficial client.

14. Dropbox

The Official UWP app of Dropbox.

15. Duolingo

The popular and language learning app.

16. Dynamic Theme

Lock screen picture app with daily Windows Spotlight or Bing pictures.

17. Facebook

The official UWP Facebook app. Messenger UWP app is also available.

18. Fhotoroom

The best and professional photo editor.

19. Foxit MobilePDF

The best PDF viewer for Windows 10

20. Hotspot Shield

The free VPN application to get access to restricted content.

21. ImgurClient

Browse and download images from Imgur using this unofficial client.

22. Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

The application is home for all Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

23. Line

The official UWP app of Line, popular messaging service.

24. mTalk

Get access to more than 100000 forums from your PC, Mobile, or Tablet.

25. Money Fox

The open-source and best finance app.

26. Meme Generator

Let you create your memes.

27. NotepadX

The simple and best text editor.

28. Netflix

The official UWP Netflix app.

29. OneNote

The official UWP app of OneNote.

30. PC Access Notifier

Want to know, if someone is using your computer when you’re at work or not at home? Try this amazing app.

31. Periodic Table 5

The app gives you answers to all your questions related to chemical elements.

32. Pandora

It’s official UWP app of the popular music streaming service, Pandora.

33. Pikit

Download high-quality wallpapers from NASA, Bing, Flickr, and Pixabay.

34. Remotr

The best way to stream PC games directly to another Windows 10 computer or tablet.


Let you transfer files between cross-platform devices via Wi-Fi.

36. Shazam

The official UWP Shazam app.

37. Simply QR

This application helps in generating QR codes without any difficulty.

38. Sway

The official Sway app that helps you in creating modern presentations.

39. TeamViewer

The official UWP Teamviewer app for remote access.

40. TED

The TED’s official UWP app.

41. The Weather Channel

The official UWP Weather Channel app with Cortana integration.

42. Twitter

The official UWP Twitter app.

43. Vine

The updated and official UWP Vine app.

44. WordWeb Dictionary

The best English dictionary UWP app available at Windows store.

45. Wunderlist

The Official UWP app of the popular ToDo service Wunderlist.

Why don’t you try these best free Universal Windows Platform UWP apps for Windows 10 and let us know the name of the UWP apps in the comments.


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